I am so glad you are here.


Welcome to The Still.

This project has been an idea for a long time. I am so excited to bring it to life. And I am very very excited that you are coming along.

Here’s how things will flow.

You will receive an email when I get the intro videos loaded. You’ll get an intro videos on the overall workings of the program, the facebook group, and my thoughts on journaling.

The videos for each month will go live on the first day of the month. You will have access to all of the monthly videos at once. Past month’s videos will also live on the site so we will build a library of video resources quickly. I’m sure I’ll also throw in bonuses here and there.

We will have a group call each month on Zoom. I’ll put a poll on FB to determine the best time. We will keep time zones in mind and change times as needed so that the most of you can be there. These calls will be recorded and also available and stored in the site’s archives.

We will have a virtual retreat each quarter. We’ll talk about that in our first group call.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at krissie@theyogastill.com

I am so glad that we are sharing this process. And that you have entrusted me with your growth. Please know that I do not take that lightly.

all my best,