Let’s Talk Ritual and Routine

Ritual and Routine

It doesn’t matter which word you use. I will use the interchangeably.

For this month, we will explore routine and ritual. You will receive a new video each day with a ritual to explore. You can try them all or do the same one each day during the week.

Each video will be between 3-5 minutes long. I want to encourage you to keep a list or a post-it note. Each day, simply record the ritual you tried, how you felt before, and how you felt after. That’s it.

The first week will be about morning routines. Set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier and meet me here.

The second week will explore evening rituals. Set an alarm on your phone for 5-10 minutes before you want to unwind for bed and meet me here.

The third week, we’ll play with combining ritual elements or extending the elements you are connecting with. These videos will be 7-10 minutes.

The final week, we will examine the rituals we have worked with and create a structure that is reasonable and beneficial.

I also want to encourage you to make any changes you need to make this work for you. If you find that my options do not resonate, please try something else that feeds you. This is not an invitation to do routine and ritual MY way. Not at all. It is an exploration of what brings you presence and peace. And then doing those things more often and regularly.

I look forward to entering this month of conscious ritual with you. Enjoy the exploration.