The Facebook Group


Once you watch the video, click join.

By making the choice to use the Facebook group, you express the following understandings:

  • Krissie will not be monitoring the group on a moment-by-moment basis. Krissie will be checking in two to three times a day, but will not have the group open at all times.

  • Krissie reserves the right to determine that an issue you present would be better addressed in a coaching session or with a therapist of your choosing rather than on facebook.

  • Krissie reserves the right to delete any post or comment that is demeaning in any way.

  • Any diet talk or body shaming will be addressed, processed, and kindly shut-down.

  • Anything said in the facebook group stays in the facebook group. You agree to confidentiality of all group members.

By clicking this link to join the facebook group, I confirm that I have read the community guidelines listed above.