the still

Beneficial. Practical. Realistic. Sustainable. Graceful. Fulfilling.

Registration is currently closed.

We will reopen in late October.


We think that the life we want to live is so far away from our current situation. But I believe that repeated small shifts make the big difference. The life we want feels far away, but it is closer than we think. With guidance and support from each other, we can begin to believe in ourselves and shorten the gap between who we are and who we want to be.

And that is why I have created The Still. This is an online wellness studio where we will practice hope, presence, and a little discipline to shape the individual world we live in. We will learn to curate lives that are lived-in. Not magazine perfect lives. We won’t create habits because we think we should do them. Instead, we will learn to shape our thoughts and behaviors in a way that support a lived-in and content life.

This online studio is for those of us that create and abandon habit trackers (and judge ourselves for it). That buy book after book after book that we don’t get around to reading (and feel guilty about it). That throw away spinach every single week (and vow to do better). That just feel like something is missing.

That something is inside of you. And together, we’ll bring it out.

Resources will be released on the first day of each month.

New Membership is will open in late October.

What You’ll Get Each Month



Monthly yoga, meditation, and breathwork videos ranging from 10-30 minutes



Private Facebook Group and Monthly Virtual Get-Together



Monthly Journal Prompts and Quarterly Live Virtual Retreats


Optional Coaching

I am only accepting current The Still members as individual clients. $225/month gets membership, two 45-minute coaching sessions, and text support between sessions.


Kindness. Truth. Abundance. Comfort with Yourself. Ritual. Trusting Your Process.

And that is just the first 6 months.


I am Krissie.

I'm a yoga teacher for the unlikely yogi. I want to show you how to connect with your body without expectation. I want to remind you that you are trustworthy and enough just as you are. And I believe this starts with building a true and respectful friendship with our bodies.

I'm a coach, but my style fits in a lot of bins and no real bin at the same time. I want to help you live in your life. I want you to see that you can be at home in your life while still moving closer to the person your heart wants to be.

I want to be a catalyst who brings intention, focus, and gentle challenge into your daily life.

I want your life and your body to feel lived-in. Inhabited.

You can do amazing things. And you can do them with a sense of ease. I know because I work with folks like you. And I've seen wonderful things happen. Over and over and over.

I help you see what is right in front of you. I help you find your own answers by asking different questions. I lead you back to you.